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Closestool Seat Heater

Closestool Seat Heater
Closestool Seat Heater Closestool Seat Heater

Product Description:

It is designed according to the human engineering and its toilet seat has the electric heating device with a adjustable temperature 28℃-40℃. Even in cold weather, it can give you warmness and comfortableness. In accordance with different seasons, you can adjust the toilet seat temperature in three-level range (30℃-45℃) which makes you more comfortable and save more energy.
The voltage range is in 110V~230V. The product mainly matches some famous Japanese enterprises.

Technical Data Sheet:

Electrical insulation 105℃PVC
Dimension Any dimension on request
Voltage Any voltage on request
Tolerances ≤±5% on resistance
Insulation resistance in normal temperature   ≥100 MΩ
Dielectric strength in normal temperature 1800V 2S, No flashover and break down
Leakage current in working temperature ≤0.02 mA/m
Connect strength Heater wire and lead wire ≥36N 1min
Lead wire and terminal ≥58.8N 1min
Heater and Al-foil 400g/ 1min