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Water Pipe Heating CableWater Pipe Heating Cable
The water pipe heating cable is suitable for the metal tube or the water filled plastic pipe. Product specification of water pipe heating cable can be made according to the customers' demand.

Heating CableHeating Cable
The heating cable is suitable for any places needing heating, such as pet heating cable and garden heating cable.

Drainpipe Anti-freezing Heating CableDrainpipe Anti-freezing Heating Cable
The drainpipe anti-freezing heating cable should be installed to ensure the defrosting water will not be frozen in the drainpipe. Generally, the 50W/m drainpipe heating cable is usually used.

Roof & Gutter De-icing CableRoof & Gutter De-icing Cable
The roof & gutter heating cable can protect your property from being damaged due to the ice dam. Appropriate operation can form a channel to make the thawed snow or the ice flow onto the ground surface.

Heating MatHeating Mat
The heating element should be placed between two soaked silica gel glass clothes to become heating mat under certain temperature and pressure. The heating mat is supple and heat resistant.

Drum HeaterDrum Heater
Drum heater heats the barrel to make the liquid and coagulum to be easily taken out. Through the drum heater, the viscosity of those will reduce equably to release the power of the pump.

Closestool Seat HeaterClosestool Seat Heater
Closestool seat heater is designed according to the human engineering and its toilet seat has the electric heating device with a adjustable temperature 28℃-40℃. The voltage range is in 110V~230V.

Heating WireHeating Wire
Heating wire is mainly used in the household objects, refrigerating industry and some machineries needing anti-icing and temperature holding.

Heating CordHeating Cord
Heating Cord has three types: PVC heating cord, silicon rubber heating cord and silicon rubber heating cord with braids.

Aluminum Foil HeaterAluminum Foil Heater
The heating unit of aluminum foil heater can be composed by the PVC or the silica gel insulation heating wire. The application range of aluminum foil heater is defrosting and thawing.

Aluminum Tube HeaterAluminum Tube Heater
The aluminum tube heater usually takes the silicon rubber insulation heating wire. The aluminum tube heater can be used in the defrosting and thawing of the refrigerator and cooler, etc.

Stainless Pipe HeaterStainless Pipe Heater
The stainless pipe heater is the electrical equipment designed and developed for the defrosting by the electrical heating on the refrigerating equipments.

Glass Tube HeaterGlass Tube Heater
The glass tube heater is used in the defrosting of the refrigerator and cooler, etc. and also in the heating of the microwave oven and the roaster, etc.