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Stainless Pipe Heater

Stainless Pipe Heater
Stainless Pipe Heater Stainless Pipe Heater Stainless Pipe Heater

Stainless Pipe Heater Product Performance and Use: The stainless pipe heater is the electrical equipment designed and developed for the defrosting by the electrical heating on the refrigerating equipments like various refrigeration houses, refrigeration, exhibitions and island cabinets. For the characteristics that when the refrigerating equipments works, the indoor humidity is high, the temperature is low and the cold and hot impact strength is frequent, etc, we take the high quality and modified magnesium oxide as the padding, the stainless steel as the shell. After the shrink of the pipe, the two terminals take the special made rubber pressing sealing to make the electrical heating pipe can be used normally in the cooling equipment and also it can be made into any shapes in according to the requirements of the users. It can be conveniently inlayed in the fins of the air cooler and the condenser as well as the chassis of the water collector to do the defrosting work.
After more than ten years’ practice, this product has the function of good defrosting effect, stable electric property, high insulation resistance, corrosion resisting, anti-aging, high overload capacity, small leakage current, stability and reliability as well as the long use life.

Main Technical Quality Index:

  • Humidity State Insulation Resistance≥200MΩ
  • After Humid Heat Test Insulation Resistance≥30 MΩ
  • Humidity State Leakage Current≤0.1mA
  • Surface Load≤3.5W/cm2
  • Operating Temperature150℃(Maximum 300℃)